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Photo 1 of 44. <ul><li>SECTION 3 . (nice Article 2 Section 3 #1)

  • SECTION 3 . (nice Article 2 Section 3 #1)

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  • SECTION 3 ., 2 Presidential Powers Article 2, Section 1: –Executive Power In A Prez And VP For 4 Years Article 2, Section 2: –Commander-in-Chief –Pardons –Make Treaties ., 2. Sections ., 14 ARTICLE 1, SECTION 3 .. Below are the photos:

    2 Presidential Powers Article 2, Section 1: –Executive Power In A Prez And  VP For 4 Years Article 2, Section 2: –Commander-in-Chief –Pardons –Make  Treaties .

    2 Presidential Powers Article 2, Section 1: –Executive Power In A Prez And VP For 4 Years Article 2, Section 2: –Commander-in-Chief –Pardons –Make Treaties .

    2. Sections .

    2. Sections .

    14 ARTICLE 1, SECTION 3 .

    14 ARTICLE 1, SECTION 3 .

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    4. <ul><li>SECTION 3 . (nice Article 2 Section 3 #1)2 Presidential Powers Article 2, Section 1: –Executive Power In A Prez And  VP For 4 Years Article 2, Section 2: –Commander-in-Chief –Pardons –Make  Treaties . (exceptional Article 2 Section 3  #2)2. Sections . (attractive Article 2 Section 3  #3)14 ARTICLE 1, SECTION 3 . ( Article 2 Section 3  #4)

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